November 22, 2015

A while back we were challenged to design a moulding for a customer.  The moulding that she loved, had been discontinued by the manufacturer and it was impossible to find anything like it, so we created our own for her.

At that time,
I thought it would be fun
to start creating our very
own line of
ready mades frames
unique to our

We are excited to introduce - Belmar Frame & Art's own hand crafted Ready Made Frames:

Limited inventory:  Available in a variety of sizes 5x5 up to 8x10.

November 9, 2015

Barnyards & Glory

Our newest installation.
will be on display from now until the 1st of January

Art by Nancy Walsh & Linda Watson

"Barnyard Morning" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Ruling the Roost" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Hen Talk"  Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Roxborough Park Landscape" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Red Rocks Afternoon" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Colorado Cactus" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Old Barn out Back" Oil by Linda Watson

"Barnyard Storm" Oil by Linda Watson

"White Barn" Oil by Linda Watson

"Towhee on Wire" Oil by Linda Watson

Pet Portraits By Linda Watson