November 22, 2014

We have installed new art for the Christmas Shopping Season.

We have lots of art up-many pieces are not shown below,  so be sure to stop in and take a look.
Lots of great buys and wonderful gift giving options.

 Two new Photo's by Stan Obert, several new paintings by June Davis, some of Linda Watson's favorites-including her cat portrait that every one loves (see below) Lee Shapiro's 'To the finish' and a couple of Virginia Unseld pictures stayed with us from her last show.
(pictured left)

We also have two new water colors by Lee Shapiro, a new
painting by myself, along with a few of others by me-Judy Niewald. (picture right)

We also have Gary Bibb, Steve Hirsch, and a brand new photographer Jeffry Chase - with his color enhanced photography.  (not shown right)  See below

New color enhanced photo's by Jeffry Chase

Mixed Media Collage by our very own Gary A. Bibb

Two new water color pieces by Lee Shapiro (above)
'To the Finish' by Lee Shapiro

A new photograph by Steve Hirsch

My new addition, along with a few not shown
Oil by Judy Niewald

'Winter Scene 1&2'  by June Davis (plus several more not shown)
& 'SnoPo' by Me (Judy Niewald)

'Cats Eyes'  By Linda Watson - One of her pet portraits - contact us
if you would like her to paint your PET.

More by Linda Watson

Framed prints by Jean Murr

Pastels by Virginia Unseld 

November 15, 2014

'The Many Colors of Christmas'

We have added new L.E.D. Lighting to our window display!
Our 2014 Christmas window is up!!   Wishing everyone a very merry and save Christmas.
To all of us small business's a great season!

Wall paper any one?