March 29, 2013

IT"S YOUR MOVE-a great idea for a game room!!

Take your favorite game and put it in a frame display-a fun idea your a game room!!

We had lots of fun with this one,  actually played a few rounds to find a nice layout.
We started with the black dominos, but thought some white ones would actually play out better.  So after a quick shopping trip to find white dominos, and playing a few rounds with my granddaughter, we were ready to get started.

 A piece of white fillet was tinted to match the coloring of the dominos and was placed on the bottom of the wall.   The perfect gold fillet to pick up the gold rivet that was in the center of each of the white dominos was used inside the frame.  The dominos were laid out on a piece of black suede mat board, and a nice black frame with just the right depth was used.   The project was put behind a piece of museum glass and here it is.

This is on display as part of our example wall and will be for sale to any one that might have the perfect place for it.

Another example of just how fun this can be.....  As you can imagine the possibilities are endless.

March 25, 2013

From the simple to the complex, stacking frames allows you to create exactly what you want!!!

   Make sure to go to the bottom of the article for more advanced forms of stacking frames together.

The usual way of stacking frame together is with the inside one fitting under the lip of the outer frame.

In this case the customer wanted the opposite effect.  Their desire was to create an effect that the inside frame was raised and the outside frame actually frames it.

Our customer also wanted to lift the inner frame up to add extra dimension to the inside frame.

So we had to come up with an additional frame to go inside the two frames for the purpose of holding it all together and creating that extra dimension (or lift) that this customer wanted in the inside frame.

We will call the inside frame that is just a 1/2" x 3/4" raw wood frame = the lift frame (left).
The outside frame is in the center of this photo and the inside frame in on the right in the photo.

The lift frame is cut to fit inside of the
outer frame.  This creates a way to attach the inner frame to it and creates a shelf for the inside frame to sit on allowing the inside frame to be lifted to the desired level.

The difficulty with this type of frame placement is that when you cut the outside frame it has to be exactly right in order to have it look like it is all one frame.  There cannot be any play in the size.   If over cut even one 32nd it will show when placing the two frames together and if under cut by that much it will cause the inside frame not to fit into the outside frame.

Voila and completed!!
Just what the customer asked for.

Here are a few other unique ways to stack frames.

 In this design we actually stacked a total of six frames together to get the effect we wanted.  Starting from inside out.
1.  gold fillet
2.  gold frame
3.  frame hand covered with fabric
4.  black shadow box frame
5.  gold fillet
6.  another frame for extra dimension.

Another seven frame stack:
from inside out

1.  small black fillet
2.  fabric covered liner
3.  fabric covered frame
4.  fabric covered liner
5.  silver fillet
6.  outside frame
7.  frame cut on side to add depth
(museum glass in under the silver fillet)

In this design we put a fabric wall in between the
stars and stripes frame, and the outside frame.

March 3, 2013

Stacked Framing with Museum Glass - Simple yet Stunning

It always helps to have a great photo like this one to start with.

This piece is a great example of how you can take more than one frame and 
stack them to show off your photo.

In this piece the inside frame is being used to keep the glass off of the photo, 
as you can see by the flash from the camera on the top.  I usually try to avoid this from happening while taking the photo, but in this case I wanted it showing, for two reasons:
1. To show where the glass was located within the frame.
2. So the beauty of museum quality glass can be shown  (as you can see if the flash was not apparent you would not even know glass was on it).