August 25, 2012

Italian Window
The time of year has come for our Italian amici's Claudio, Renato and Bettino to come help out.
They're busy at work trying to find the perfect frame and matting.  Well, at least Renato and Bettino are hard at work.  It seems Claudio found the wine in the back room and has taken a short break. 

August 17, 2012


Belmar Frame & Art would like to thank all of our brave soldiers and their families for the sacrifice they are making for this great country.
Our Prayers are with you all.
Thank you  
This article was present with the armor that was brought into the shop for framing:
This is a piece of Body Armor worn by soldiers inside their vests. One just like this saved the life of Salvatore Giunta, the FIRST LIVING RECIPIENT OF THE MEDAL OF HONOR SINCE THE VIETNAM WAR. And for good reason. Staff Sergeant Giunta 
received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan in late October of 2007. His squad was ambushed by a formidable group of insurgents. Enemy fire struck his body armor, but he continued to return fire while attempting to reach soldiers that had detached from the rest of the unit. He led a small team that came to the aid of a few wounded soldiers, but he also broke off from the group on his own initiative to reach another soldier that was in need of aid. He found him being carried off by two insurgent's, Giunta engaged both of them, killing one and wounding the other. He then provided medical aid to his wounded comrade. When it was over, the enemy ambush had been defeated. TRULEY, AN AMAZING STORY. This Armor is made by Coors & was signed by the people at Coors to give to Sergeant Giunta.

You can also see these in our framing example tab.  (located in this blog)