December 28, 2012


This mat is painted with stripes like the patrol cars.

A silver mat was chosen for the main mat with blue underneath to go around the photo's of the officers.  A black mat was chosen to float the lettering on and mount the badges.  The stripes were spray painted onto the mat.  We made it fit a 32 x 40 size to keep it affordable.

November 16, 2012

Various Art Works by all of B.F.& A.'s Artist's

The gallery is filled with great prices on wonderful art this Christmas!!
Come in and take a look around.
These and many more pieces on display!
Plus jewelry, quilts and other gift ideas.

We also have many great ideas on the framing of shadow boxes!!
Search for treasures and frame them for that special person in your life.

Mardelle Espinoza
Mardelle Espinoza

Gary A. Bibb

Gary A. Bibb

June Davis

June Davis

Jean Murr & Ginger Lecher
Jean Murr

Ginger Lecher

Lee Shapiro

Linda Watson

Judy Niewald

Judy Niewald

November 11, 2012

Abstract Nativity 2012

With the change of the season, and Christmas on its way, it's time for the window at Belmar Frame & Art to take new shape.  

Christmas 2012
If we take time to stop and think, we will have time to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas and the first gifts that were given.  The wise men of the land followed a star with gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  But there was a fourth gift that wonderful night--the gift of God himself to mankind.  

October 20, 2012

First time for everything--Framing a piece of outgassed glass

When a customer came into reframe an old poster that had been his mother's, we took it apart to find the glass had a very strong image on it from outgassing.  This is not that uncommon.  Outgassing is the term used to describe the evaporation of solvents left behind after printing with an inkjet printer. This outgassing can create a fog on the inside of the glazing (glass) of a frame.  The most interesting one I have seen (and even a little spooky) was a perfect image of J.F.K. setting on a chair. Other causes of outgassing are the use of swede mats and the use of silicone glue behind the glass.
Anyway when our customer saw this ghosted image on the glass he asked if I could frame it?
I then began experimenting with different ways to frame the image so you could best see it.  I came up with the use of a mirror, and liner to give it distance.  The reflection creates a double image.

When asked if this image would last on the glass after reframing it, I had to honestly answer by saying I just didn't know (having never reframed a piece of ghosted glass).
Regardless, he thought it would be fun and it is.
Quite the conversation piece I am sure.

October 14, 2012

Another Great Art Class!  Thanks to all of you who participated in this years September Painting away Ovarian Cancer work shop taught by Jean Murr.  Our prayers and blessing are with each of you.  Hope you all had fun and can enjoy healing times of expression through your painting.  

Canvas and Paints for all!

We love seeing the back room become a class room for everyone.

The drawing for all of the great giveaways. Everyone received a gift!

Let the painting begin.

It is so much fun watching all the paintings in all the stages, and how they all become something so different from another.

September 2, 2012

Preparing for the Ovarian Cancer Session

We are proud to have Jean Murr back this year to do the Painting Away Cancer Session, that is held this September 9th 11:00-2:30 (national Ovarian Cancer month).  
We are also currently Show Casing her work: See Artist Page of this blog

This nicely framed Flower Giclee',  as well as the beautiful flower arrangement will be given to two of the classes participants along with other nice give away gifts.

Donation: Originally painted by Jean Murr and framed by Belmar Frame & Art
Donation: Floral arrangement with the Ovarian Cancer colors
created by Jean Murr

We are getting very excited as we prepare for another wonderful inspiring class this year.
The Back room and gallery area will be transformed into a classroom, greeting and gathering space for all of the students to paint away their cares and fears, and find new found freedom as they relax, create and share. 
Jean, an Ovarian Cancer Survivor,  is a great leader and courageous influence.  Last year she wanted others to experience the love that she discovered helped carry her through this most difficult and emotional time.  She put together this class with the help of the Cheryl Shackelford Foundation, and her doctor, Dr. Kian Behbakht.  We are really looking forward to this years class and will be posting new pictures soon.

Below are a few pictures of last years class.
Jean, before the class 2011

This years flyer 2012

August 25, 2012

Italian Window
The time of year has come for our Italian amici's Claudio, Renato and Bettino to come help out.
They're busy at work trying to find the perfect frame and matting.  Well, at least Renato and Bettino are hard at work.  It seems Claudio found the wine in the back room and has taken a short break. 

August 17, 2012


Belmar Frame & Art would like to thank all of our brave soldiers and their families for the sacrifice they are making for this great country.
Our Prayers are with you all.
Thank you  
This article was present with the armor that was brought into the shop for framing:
This is a piece of Body Armor worn by soldiers inside their vests. One just like this saved the life of Salvatore Giunta, the FIRST LIVING RECIPIENT OF THE MEDAL OF HONOR SINCE THE VIETNAM WAR. And for good reason. Staff Sergeant Giunta 
received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan in late October of 2007. His squad was ambushed by a formidable group of insurgents. Enemy fire struck his body armor, but he continued to return fire while attempting to reach soldiers that had detached from the rest of the unit. He led a small team that came to the aid of a few wounded soldiers, but he also broke off from the group on his own initiative to reach another soldier that was in need of aid. He found him being carried off by two insurgent's, Giunta engaged both of them, killing one and wounding the other. He then provided medical aid to his wounded comrade. When it was over, the enemy ambush had been defeated. TRULEY, AN AMAZING STORY. This Armor is made by Coors & was signed by the people at Coors to give to Sergeant Giunta.

You can also see these in our framing example tab.  (located in this blog)

July 13, 2012



We recently added to our Mask Library. 
 Two New Orleans Masks.
  The rich gold fabric really makes this one pop.  A black fillet was put at the base of the wall to create more dimension and is always a really nice effect.
Jester Mask with Bells!
From New Orleans

Feather Mask
From New Orleans

The following two Ceramic Masks
were brought in by a customer
that had seen the completed Venetian Masks ( photo lower on this page) before they were picked up.

He liked them so much he bought
a couple on the internet to frame.
Ceramic Masks

Masks from Italy
Framed within a fun Bella Moulding used as a liner, with a gold shadow box frame.
The walls are green,with a gold fillet at the bottom.  While the back ground mat is a rich purple. 
We got the mask fever on this one.
 Having had so much fun designing and working on it.
Venetian Half Mask and Carnival Mask
 From Italy

I liked it so much I decided to make a mask to frame.
This time using a Bella Frame in the bottom, and a fun design cut in the mat
inlaid with ribbon, tasseled with little prisms.
Just to add more fun to the project.

Paper Mache Mask
made by Judy Niewald
This one is on display in our gallery, and is available for purchase.

July 2, 2012

June's Most Unusual Request

When a client came in with instructions from her designer to make her Papyrus (a painting on papyrus paper from Egypt) look like a scroll, suggesting that the frame have no top or bottom, we did not hesitate to comply with the request.  Having never attempted to do anything like this before, we went ahead as normal selecting materials for the job and assured the client we would do our best.

The challenges of a request like this are:
How do you keep a project  like this intact?

Completed project

How do you keep the glass and everything else from coming out the bottom?

Art is hinged onto fabric covered mat that picks up the same texture and look of the papyrus,
the glass is adheared to the stacked framed sides,
and everything is secured with substrate and supports.

How do you keep debris from getting inside the piece once it is completed and on display?

Wrapped back with fabric used on mat that is sealed to the glass edge on the top and bottom.
At the designers request,
this piece is not intended to be hung on a wall but set on a shelf.

We do love a challenge!!
Working on projects like this and presenting them to our clients are what makes this job so delightful!!

June 19, 2012

 In September Belmar Frame & Art is pleased to host the 2nd Painting Away Ovarian Cancer Session
instructed by two time Cancer Survivor, friend and artist Jean Murr.

Last year everyone experienced a time of sharing, expression and new discovery.
This event is offered to Ovarian Cancer patients and space is limited.
Contact Jean for reservations:

June 15, 2012

Different Strokes

We are often asked to create several different  framing projects out of the same content for several people.

This is an example of three different applications using similar moulding and fabric choices to create three different looks and sizes.

We had fun picking from all of the different photos of this wedding that took place in China.  Such a beautiful setting for the occasion.

We were given different size restrictions for each person receiving these gifts.

 We always start with fabric & moulding choices, then are generaly given free reign to come up with the layout for each piece.

These projects are extremely fun and such a joy to present to our customers.

Actual Size 22 x22

Actual Size 16 x 19

Actual Size 17x 32

May 19, 2012

Kids Art Window

What better way to do a window that reflects the world of kids art than to have the helping hands of a child:
After painting and cutting hands out of paper Taylor glued them  in as part of the display
Hanging up colorful streamers 
Taylor's finished painting for window display

Window complete!  Thanks Taylor for all you help.
Currently on display!!