February 21, 2014


When my sister-in-law, after finding out that I collected Noah's Arch things, found me this very cute pillow to add to my collection, I was thrilled.   However, it didn't take long for my dog to find it and have some thrills of her own.  I always felt horrible for allowing my dog to destroy this nice gift, after only having it for a week.   I did not want to throw it away, so I would lay it on the couch with the corner conveniently hidden from site, but who (in their right mind) displays something that you are trying to hide!! 

Let's face it, it was now ready for the trash.
But, who says it had to be a pillow anyway!!!!!!

Chewed corner bottom lower right

I eventually cut it up, tossing out the stuffing and the unwanted fabric.

Cut  image from pillow and ready to frame
After choosing the perfect framing and a little work, the old pillow was transformed into a lovely piece of textile art.  It now it hangs in my guest room, which is where all of my Noah's Arch collection resides.  I actually like it better.  THANKS DIANE for giving me such a nice gift.  And THANKS BLUE (my wonderful Labrador retriever) for chewing it up, causing me to refurbish it into a showpiece.

WOW!!  What a great piece for the Noah collection!!

It now is a reminder of the thoughtfulness and love of a sister, and of my good old dog, who is no longer with us. 
We love you BLUE!!!!

February 17, 2014

Framing Vinyls

No mater what your music taste is, bring your favorite vinyl in and let us frame it! The Weakerthans-A Canadian Indie Rock Band.

Have a Music Room? Frame a Vinyl! Streetlight Manifesto-SKA Punk

From Smooth Jazz to Punk, it always looks great when framed! NOFX-An american Punk Band from L.A.