January 23, 2015

Finding new talents, in dashed desires and determined spirits.

While designing for a customer, I showed her a red checker board frame hanging with my corner samples.  She loved it and it was perfect for the piece she was framing.  It went into my computer so I thought all was well.  While ordering it, I was informed it had been discontinued for quite some time with no stock available.

My customer wanted me to try and find some one who might have some.    After checking other companies that carried similar product, making a few calls to other framers, and having no luck, I was left with two options--a disappointed customer or figure out how to make it myself.  I opted for the second one and decided to give her what she wanted,  A CHECKER BOARD FRAME.

The making of a checker board frame and a happy customer.

Ready to cut

Spliced matting with
notched corners

We are looking forward to what we can do with this!!

Keep watch for a possible 'Belmar Frame and Arts'  new line of our own custom made frames!!