April 16, 2014

"Finally Framed" The tale of 5 lost needlepoints.

The tale of 5 lost needlepoints.

This is a pretty amazing story of the journey of 5 needlepoints and their way back to their owner.

After many long devoted hours, as any of you who do the art of needlepoint and cross stitch know, Pam took her works into the local frame shop to have framed by one of her favorite framers.
Well it seems that her framer was having a bit of trouble in her personal life.  They remained in the care of this framer for quite some time with no work beginning on them; seems as though they were put in a drawer and forgotten about.  Pam having trusted this framer with many of her other frameables was not worried about them, but to her demise this would begin a long, disappointing, yet, amazing--some could say miraculous episode in her life.

In the process of closing down the framer's shop in Savannah Georgia, these 5 little gems got misplaced.  First, in the shop itself, then in the removal of the inventory, they were misplaced again.  It seems as though the owner of the store vanished leaving the mess for unrelated friends to clean up.  Finally, they were found again, and placed with other works of art to be returned to their owners, or put in storage.  Apparently, no name was with these pieces so they were among the things that were to be taken to storage, and were misplaced yet a third time.  In all the ruckus, they got left behind and a local company was hired to clean out the store.  Guess you know where these 5 needlepoints ended up, yes, you guessed it in the dumpster with the trash.

Well one would think that is the end of the story but, somehow they were noticed as missing and the laborers were called.  After describing the pieces, one of them said he put them with the trash.  So the search began, and they were retrieved from the dumpster.  They were then returned to Lynne, the owner, to take to the storage unit.  But apparently, Lynne still wanted to frame them.  They were supposed to be a wedding gift and their owner (Pam) had moved to Colorado.  Well needless to say, they did not get framed, and were returned to another storage unit that contained Lynne's personal affects.  Upon the content being sold, these 5 needlepoints were once again retrieved and saved from being lost forever by this loyal friend (that had helped with the closing of the store), and taken to his home.  He went to another local frame shop to have some other framing done, and mentioned them to the framer (Judi),  she recognized the items and new, Pam's story, and they were finally returned to Pam.  As you can imagine they were a bit soiled after what they had been through.  But they survived!!

Pam told me about them at an art event we were having at my store.  She dry cleaned them and brought them into the shop for framing once again.

They are now hung in various places in her home among all of her other beautiful work she has done throughout the years.

Three of the lost five are in this arrangement
in the stairway of their home.

What beautiful work and amazing story…..