March 31, 2014

THE VINTAGE COLLECTION-Original Paintings-by June Davis and A Family Photo Collage-B.F.&A. (framing example)


"The School Marm"
Miss Weldimen was just 19 when she started teaching in a one room school house in upstate New York.  It was her life calling and her students loved her.  She lived her life in a boarding house just blocks away from the school.    Selling for $85.00    Oil by June Davis

Not  everyone in town had a new car and Bert was one of the first to own one.  Bert would wash and polish his auto each and every Saturday.  On Sunday after church you could see him cruising the town with his best girl.     Selling for $100.00   Oil by June Davis

"Dating Game"
He was the high school catch and she was the sophomore class darling.  They would meet after school each day and head to the corner drug store for a soda.  All was hearts and flowers until the new girl caught his eye.   Selling for $85.00    Oil by June Davis

"Mother's Pride and Joy"
He was his mother's first born.  In her eyes he was the brightest and most gifted.  Oh the joy of being a first time mother!     Selling for $85.00    Oil by June Davis

"Joe's Garage"
Joe ran the only garage in town and business was booming.  On Saturdays, the local men would congregate at the garage, drink sodas and share the local gossip.  Selling for $85.00    Oil by June Davis

This photo collage is the story of my mother and her family

MOM - Juanita
Large photo on the right.
Top photo is Mom and her dad-Henry
Bottom photo is Mom and her Aunt Mamie.  (Mom was raised by Mamie the first few years of her live.  Her mother was ill and could not manage a small baby).

Her mother - Melissa
A school teach most of her life.

Her Siblings-




The people of the past - wonderful old photo's
Great Grand Parent's-Great Aunt's and Uncle's.
The family pet, and the mules.

March 22, 2014

Works of art created by Judy Niewald & June Davis:

Works by Judy Niewald up for limited time

From my personal collection - Painted by Judy Niewald
This was my personal experience of faith, a representation of the
The opening of the doors that block our way to the Father-(the keys to the door are on our side)
The freedom we find in Christ-(the image of Christ and the Cross reflecting on the walls)
The help along life's journey by the Spirit-(hard to see but the image of hands to help us down the road)
Oil by Judy Niewald

"Revelation 19"
Oil by Judy Niewald

"Precious is the blood"
Oil by Judy Niewald

These little vintage paintings are so wonderful:
Created by June Davis and hang just perfect with
this multi photo collage of my old family photo's
Be sure to watch our face book page the next view weeks as we will be doing several posts of these nice little Vintage oils with their stories.