February 23, 2015

A painting comes to life

It is not always such a pleasure to work on a painting, as it was to work on this one.

This painting came to life as it was cleaned.

It was literally like removing a vail from this beautiful girls face.

The unknown artist captured her youth, but the years of dirt and grim had covered up her beauty.
It was a pleasure bringing her back to what he saw when he painted her.

She began to look very different.
As you can see in the examples.

The dirt had concealed the color of her eyes, the softness of her lips, the innocents in her face, the rosiness of her young cheeks.  It held the secret that her skin was fair,  her hair had hints of brown and blue highlights in it, and oh yes, she wore a dress of green color.

Yes this was a fair maiden indeed.

What a joy it was to work on such a treasure.