October 14, 2013

Ginger Lecher's Art

We have installed Ginger Lecher's Art and it looks wonderful.  Ginger will be greatly missed by everyone how knew and loved her, a very sweet, talented and Dear Lady!!

As per the wishes of her bother, the proceeds on all sales will go to The Raymond Wentz Foundation.
This is a great organization dedicated to helping Cancer Patients and their families with the costs related to Cancer and other basic needs:  (They give unrestricted grants to cancer patients struggling to meet basic daily needs – a roof over their heads, food on the table, and heat in the winter. They are the only organization in Colorado that gives unrestricted grants directly to needy cancer patients).
For more information on The foundation visit http://www.raymondwentz.org

There will also be more information and someone present from the foundation at this event on Saturday Evening.

The prices on all of the pieces in her private collection of other artist, are figured on the art only,  no extra cost for the framing will be included.
Our desire is to get the art sold, so it can be enjoyed by all of us who knew her, and anyone who loves art, and finds that special piece that touches their heart and wishes to have it in their home.
We have her work on the wall and various places around the gallery,
this work includes some quick studies and unfinished pieces
from the collection of work she did through out the years.

"Mostly Pastels--A few Oils, and Watercolors"

"Also included with her works are some of her private collection"

These works include media of water color, oil, and pastels.  By William Condit, Tim Deibler, Kathy Berls, Teri Hoyer, Kevin Wechbach, M. Barton, Bilodeau, Robert Spooner and others.

Make sure to make it by the night of the show October 19th for 6:00-8:30 P.M. or any time while it is up thru December 31st.