July 13, 2012



We recently added to our Mask Library. 
 Two New Orleans Masks.
  The rich gold fabric really makes this one pop.  A black fillet was put at the base of the wall to create more dimension and is always a really nice effect.
Jester Mask with Bells!
From New Orleans

Feather Mask
From New Orleans

The following two Ceramic Masks
were brought in by a customer
that had seen the completed Venetian Masks ( photo lower on this page) before they were picked up.

He liked them so much he bought
a couple on the internet to frame.
Ceramic Masks

Masks from Italy
Framed within a fun Bella Moulding used as a liner, with a gold shadow box frame.
The walls are green,with a gold fillet at the bottom.  While the back ground mat is a rich purple. 
We got the mask fever on this one.
 Having had so much fun designing and working on it.
Venetian Half Mask and Carnival Mask
 From Italy

I liked it so much I decided to make a mask to frame.
This time using a Bella Frame in the bottom, and a fun design cut in the mat
inlaid with ribbon, tasseled with little prisms.
Just to add more fun to the project.

Paper Mache Mask
made by Judy Niewald
This one is on display in our gallery, and is available for purchase.

July 2, 2012

June's Most Unusual Request

When a client came in with instructions from her designer to make her Papyrus (a painting on papyrus paper from Egypt) look like a scroll, suggesting that the frame have no top or bottom, we did not hesitate to comply with the request.  Having never attempted to do anything like this before, we went ahead as normal selecting materials for the job and assured the client we would do our best.

The challenges of a request like this are:
How do you keep a project  like this intact?

Completed project

How do you keep the glass and everything else from coming out the bottom?

Art is hinged onto fabric covered mat that picks up the same texture and look of the papyrus,
the glass is adheared to the stacked framed sides,
and everything is secured with substrate and supports.

How do you keep debris from getting inside the piece once it is completed and on display?

Wrapped back with fabric used on mat that is sealed to the glass edge on the top and bottom.
At the designers request,
this piece is not intended to be hung on a wall but set on a shelf.

We do love a challenge!!
Working on projects like this and presenting them to our clients are what makes this job so delightful!!