December 31, 2013

What do you give a carpenter for Christmas?

When a client found a bunch of old rulers, she wanted to have her husband "the carpenter" make this frame.  There was only one problem, she wanted to give the frame to him for a Christmas gift.

She called me and asked if I could turn a bunch of old rulers into a frame?  I told her to bring them to me and I would give it a try.  After talking to her about her ideas, and giving her a few of my own, I began to work on the challenge ahead of me.
I looked them over to decide
 where they would be best located within the frame. Then I started cutting and glueing.

I used rulers as fillets in the mat openings.

I used rulers for the inside walls.

One thing that I found fun as I worked on this was that the rulers were from places here in the Denver area.   As you can see, I put a ruler with "Denver Colo." along the top rail on the frame (see below).
Another thing I found fun was the phone numbers.  Notice the Spruce-9828 (bottom rail).  Anyone remember having phone numbers like that?
Finished with photos installed!
I sure hope this "measured" up to his standards, being a carpenter and all.  Whew!!!

December 28, 2013

Ginger Lecher's Art will be coming down January 7th.

We had a great turn out and many sales of her collection of works by herself and artists she admired.
It has been a great privilege having the gallery filled with her works the past few months as well as the times she showed in the past, and sadly we have to take them down.   They will be replace by new works by June Davis, Cindy Haase, and Virginia Unseld.

If you have not had a chance to come in now is the time to:  As we still have many of works on display.

THANK YOU GINGER, for giving us all such great memories, through your art.

These are a couple of her works that were bought the night of the show
and framed later with lovely framing to complement the masterful work of Ginger.

This one has sold!!
Sunflowers by Kathy Berls.

Just a few of the many works sold!!

Thank you!!!