October 20, 2012

First time for everything--Framing a piece of outgassed glass

When a customer came into reframe an old poster that had been his mother's, we took it apart to find the glass had a very strong image on it from outgassing.  This is not that uncommon.  Outgassing is the term used to describe the evaporation of solvents left behind after printing with an inkjet printer. This outgassing can create a fog on the inside of the glazing (glass) of a frame.  The most interesting one I have seen (and even a little spooky) was a perfect image of J.F.K. setting on a chair. Other causes of outgassing are the use of swede mats and the use of silicone glue behind the glass.
Anyway when our customer saw this ghosted image on the glass he asked if I could frame it?
I then began experimenting with different ways to frame the image so you could best see it.  I came up with the use of a mirror, and liner to give it distance.  The reflection creates a double image.

When asked if this image would last on the glass after reframing it, I had to honestly answer by saying I just didn't know (having never reframed a piece of ghosted glass).
Regardless, he thought it would be fun and it is.
Quite the conversation piece I am sure.

October 14, 2012

Another Great Art Class!  Thanks to all of you who participated in this years September Painting away Ovarian Cancer work shop taught by Jean Murr.  Our prayers and blessing are with each of you.  Hope you all had fun and can enjoy healing times of expression through your painting.  

Canvas and Paints for all!

We love seeing the back room become a class room for everyone.

The drawing for all of the great giveaways. Everyone received a gift!

Let the painting begin.

It is so much fun watching all the paintings in all the stages, and how they all become something so different from another.