Belmar Frame & Art displays art and photography by many local and national artists.
We change our display every two to three months.

Original Art created by Judy Niewald, owner of Belmar Frame and Art.
"It's all about Italy." 

Veneziana Ocque Verdi
Over sized Original

Artist Judy with Daisy and her art.
Mediterranean Shores
Miniature Original

Lovoro (Workers)

Manarola Itaily
Piccola Bici Rossa
(little red bike)

Hiking Cinque Terra
Miniature Original
7056 A
Original - Frame not shown 

Cinque Terra Sunset
Print in Acrylic Prisma Frame

Umbrellas of Cinque Terra
Fine art print
View of display wall

View of Display wall
to the left are other originals and prints available


Art by Gary A. Bibb

Gary is not only an amazing abstract artist, he is an employee to our company.
His knowledge of art, art history, artists, and the many different art mediums is quite extensive.

The current display of his art is mixed media collage.
Most of it is small works, some framed in a grouping and others in 
individual frames.   The individual pieces could be hung separate or in groupings of your choosing.
He also has a few larger pieces on panels.

Gary A. Bibb

from top left to bottom right
Verdo, Cardel
Tepalexa, Cerue
Fereka, Czardrene


The photo's don't do the art justice.  Stop by so you can view an appreciate Gary's extraordinary view points in these small and powerful abstract pieces.  Or visit his web and blog pages, for these and many of his other pieces.

Clown Time is Over


Gary's work on display




Doutae One,                                                                                  Doutae Two



Gary also has bin work available.

Art from past displays:  (below)

AUGUST 23, 2017

Travels Near & Far - By Virginia Unseld

Art, Pastel Paintings, Travel
This group of paintings is based on some of her many journeys to 
Mexico,  Hawaii,  Greece,  New Mexico and here in Colorado.

Greek Starboard

Greek Fishing Boat

Caribbean Shadows

Spring Break

Rainforest Retreat

Gorge Morning Lihgt

Cliffs of Shinning Stone

Heading Home


Stained Glass By Karen J. Van Gundy


Art by Judy Niewald

This year we are selling our past window art, with excellent pricing!
Visit our Window page to view how these pieces were used.

Our Spring and Summer window was full of color.

Salvador Dali was so much fun, we transformed our Elephants and Roses window
into our Hali Dali Christmas window in 2015.

Our Starry Night Window was such a hit we displayed it in 2012 & 2014.

This piece by Shag, is signed & numbered, it actually has never been in a window, but is on sale for a fantastic price.

Experience Abstract Art by Gary Bibb

"Pop Up Exhibit"

"Hokaku Revisited" 








The Amazing Still lives by June Davis



Art by Nancy Walsh & Linda Watson

"Barnyard Morning" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Ruling the Roost" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Hen Talk"  Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Roxborough Park Landscape" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Red Rocks Afternoon" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Colorado Cactus" Pastel by Nancy Walsh

"Old Barn out Back" Oil by Linda Watson

"Barnyard Storm" Oil by Linda Watson

"White Barn" Oil by Linda Watson

"Towhee on Wire" Oil by Linda Watson

Pet Portraits By Linda Watson

 Two new Photo's by Stan Obert, several new paintings by June Davis, some of Linda Watson's favorites-including her cat portrait that every one loves (see below) Lee Shapiro's 'To the finish' and a couple of Virginia Unseld pictures stayed with us from her last show.
(pictured left)

We also have two new water colors by Lee Shapiro, a new
painting by myself, along with a few of others by me-Judy Niewald. (picture right)

We also have Gary Bibb, Steve Hirsch, and a brand new photographer Jeffry Chase - with his color enhanced photography.  (not shown right)  See below

New color enhanced photo's by Jeffry Chase

Mixed Media Collage by our very own Gary A. Bibb

Two new water color pieces by Lee Shapiro (above)
'To the Finish' by Lee Shapiro

A new photograph by Steve Hirsch

My new addition, along with a few not shown
Oil by Judy Niewald

'Winter Scene 1&2'  by June Davis (plus several more not shown)
& 'SnoPo' by Me (Judy Niewald)

'Cats Eyes'  By Linda Watson - One of her pet portraits - contact us
if you would like her to paint your PET.

More by Linda Watson

Framed prints by Jean Murr

Enjoy the:  
'Changing Seasons' 
of Virginia Unseld

October Sun

Road Signs 2

Cattle Country
my personal favorite

O'Keeffe's  Mountain

Mt Evans from Gilpin

Spring is in the Air

Winter Driving Shady Grove

September Song
Art by Jean Murr

Art by Lee Shapiro


The Theme: Old Churches, Schools and Mills

This fantastic photography display will be up until mid-July.   Don't miss it.  These are some amazing photos and definitely worth a trip over.

Photography by "Steve Hirsch" and "Stan Obert"

While Steve's work is spacious with lots of sky and landscape.
Stan chooses to come into his subjects.

Both artists are from Lakewood, Colorado.

Sunrise before the Storm
Steve Hirsch

Lonely Church
Steve Hirsch
After Recess (top)
The Lookout (Bottom)
Steve Hirsch 
Middle School
Steve Hirsch
Stan Obert
Beautiful Colorado Aspens
Stan Obert
Both artist's have bin work  for sale (nicely matted and ready to frame) .
This is some of Steve's work.


Works of art created by Judy Niewald & June Davis:
Works by Judy Niewald up for limited time

From my personal collection - Painted by Judy Niewald
This was my pesonall experience of faith, a representation of the
The opening of the doors that block our way to the Father-(the keys to the door are on our side)
The freedom we find in Christ-(the image of Christ and the Cross reflecting on the walls)
The help along lives journey by the Spirit-(hard to see but the image of hands to help us down the road)
Oil by Judy Niewald

"Revelation 19"
Oil by Judy Niewald

"Precious is the blood"
Oil by Judy Niewald

These little vintage paintings are so wonderful:
Created by June Davis and hang just perfect with
this multi photo collage of my old family photo's

Be sure to watch our face book page the next view weeks as we will be doing several posts of these nice little Vintage oils with their stories.


Ginger was a very gifted artist, she best captured people in everyday moments
Please come by and view her work while it is up this season.
Her street scenes, many still life's
and landscapes.  Her quick studies,
work shop studies and unfinished works. 

Her works are going fast, so the walls are constantly changing.

She touched the life's of many people.  

We also have her private collection of other artist's
she admired and collected.

We will miss you Ginger.


Gary A. Bibb:
Mixed media and collage


June Davis:
Landscape and abstract

Jean Murr and Ginger Lecher:
Landscape, figure and floral
Watercolor, oil and pastel


Jean left, Ginger right

Landscapes by Judy Niewald

Mostly Jean's ( Umbrella's -Judy Niewald)

Judy Niewald

Lee Shapiro and Lindy Watson still have a few piece up also

H. Lee Shapiro

Linda Ellis Watson
Oil Paintings

Bronze sculptures by Mardelle Espinoza

simple ink drawings by Janet Stephens (above)