January 16, 2019

Our new window display is featuring our newest service. 
We now offer photo printing in sizes up 13"x19"!!

Winter Birds 2019

November 29, 2018


Cleaning some very old and very dirty paintings

It is always fun to see these wonderful old paintings burst to life, after removing years of smoke and soot.

upper 4th right side of painting reveals the beauty behind the grim 

All cleaned with a new coat of varnish and back in it's frame!

This old painting came in with a thick layer of dirt and a rather large tear in the canvas

To the left you can see the large tear.
This is a photo of the painting after
cleaning and repair was done to the
damaged area.

Patching and strip lining are a necessity 

Cleaning under way, piece has been patched-still needs in painting to conceal the damage 

All cleaned re stretched and back in frame

This one just needed the old yellowed varnish removed.

November 18, 2018

Our Christmas window for 2018 is up!

As Santa awaits the big night he finds time for a little fun, and Daisy our shop dog, once again has something to say!

Joy Riding through Central Park
Christmas 2018

September 17, 2018

Up for a limited time:
Wall bling with framing materials.


Our new fall Window display

June 27, 2018

Pastels by Scarlett Redbud

Enjoy the multi themed pastel paintings of Scarlett Redbud, displayed
in our gallery until mid August:




The canyon side




Looking at you


Montana Sunset

Almost there

Mountain Meadow

Pink sky

Blue water

Yellow tree

Pink Mountain


Musical Note


Yellow barn

April 2, 2018

Original Art by Judy Niewald

Original Art created by Judy Niewald, owner of Belmar Frame and Art.
"It's all about Italy." 

Veneziana Ocque Verdi
Over sized Original

Artist Judy with Daisy and her art.
Mediterranean Shores
Miniature Original

Lovoro (Workers)

Manarola Itaily
Piccola Bici Rossa
(little red bike)

Hiking Cinque Terra
Miniature Original
7056 A
Original - Frame not shown 

Cinque Terra Sunset
Print in Acrylic Prisma Frame

Umbrellas of Cinque Terra
Fine art print
View of display wall

View of Display wall
to the left are other originals and prints available